History Hunt

Explore the Fort and Building by finding the answers to these questions. You might be surprised by some of the info!


@ Stop 1: In today’s money, what was the cost of the Masonary Defences? 1811-1817. (Clue – it’s a lot of money!)
@ Stop 2: What was this building originally used for? What year was the bridge officially completed? How many arches are on the Bridge? (Top tip! – Go to the corner beside Stop 3)
@ Stop 3: Find the name of the island where Field Gun Battery Number 1 was located.
@Stop 4/5/6/7: What is this gate called ? What is the range of the 24 pounder guns? Give the English translation for “Caponniere”. The gap through which the main road passes was also known as _______.
@Exhibition area (Upstairs of main building): Where was the First Martello Tower Built? Mid Shannon defences run from _______ to _______ ? Who was the Leader of the United Irishmen?

Explore the fully restored building and relive the historic battles, myths
and legends of the last 200 years.

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